IV Edition


Ms. Carmen Iglesias Cano

The historian and academic from Madrid, Ms. Carmen Iglesias Cano, has won the IV Edition of the Spanish Orders History Award. Her candidacy was presented by the Fundación Universitaria Española, an institution that promotes the dissemination of Spanish culture in the field of Humanities and in the university environment.

Ms. Carmen Iglesias, Countess of Gisbert, is an expert historian in the 18th century, without forgetting other moments in the history of Spain and its language. Professor of History of Ideas and Political Forms at the Complutense University, and then of Ideas and Moral and Political Ideas at the King Juan Carlos University, she has published more than two hundred works of historical research. Among these are: “El pensamiento de Montesquieu: ciencia y filosofía en el siglo XVIII”; “Nobleza y sociedad en la España Moderna”, I, II, III; “Razón, sentimiento y utopía”; “No siempre lo peor es cierto: estudios sobre historia de España”.

She has been a member of the Royal Academy of History since 1991, an institution she has headed since 2014, being the first woman to hold the position. She has also been a member of the Royal Spanish Academy since 2000.

Among her many awards are the Gran Cruz de Alfonso X el Sabio (1995), Premio Nacional de Historia (2000), and recently the Sophia Award for Excellence, promoted by the Queen Sofia Spanish Institute of New York. Likewise, in 2014 she received the title of Countess of Gisbert, granted by King Juan Carlos I, as “a token of His Royal appreciation for the brilliant and intense academic and teaching work at the service of Spain and the Crown”.

The jury was chaired by H.R.H. Don Pedro de Borbón Dos Sicilias y de Orleans, Duke of Calabria, president in turn of the Royal Council of the Orders of Santiago, Calatrava, Alcántara and Montesa.


  • Don Juan Castillejo y de Oriol, Duke of San Miguel, president of Grupo Somos.


  • Doña. Ana de la Cueva Fernández, president of Patrimonio Nacional.
  • Don Hugo O’Donnell y Duque de Estrada, Duke of Tetuán, censor of the R.A. de la Historia.
  • Don Feliciano Barrios Pintado, secretary of the R.A. de la Historia.
  • Don Luis Antonio Ribot García, academician of the R.A. de la Historia.
  • Ms. Carmen Sanz Ayán, academic of the R.A. de la Historia.
  • Mr. Enrique Krauze Kleinbort, winner of the III Edition of the Premio de Historia Órdenes Españolas.
  • Ms. Micaela Valdés y Ozores, censor of the Real Sociedad Económica Matritense de Amigos del País and correspondent of the R. A. of History.
  • Don Carlos de Palacio Oriol, president of the Talgo Foundation.
  • Don Raimundo Pérez-Hernández y Torra, director of the Ramón Areces Foundation.
  • Don Manuel Pardo de Vera, president of the Royal Association of Hidalgos of Spain.
  • Don Marcelino Oreja y Aguirre, marquis of Oreja, academician and honorary president of the R. A. of Moral and Political Sciences. A. of Moral and Political Sciences.
  • Don Iñigo Moreno y de Arteaga, Marquis of Laserna, corresponding to the R.A. of History.
  • Don Manuel Gullón y de Oñate, conde de Tepa, Count of Tepa, Gentleman of His Holiness. Secretary.


  • Don Álvaro Mariátegui y Valdés.

Trustee-Treasurer of the Fundación Órdenes Españolas and of the Premio de Historia Órdenes Españolas:

  • Don Iñigo de Churruca y Bonilla.

The award ceremony is scheduled to take place at the Royal Monastery of El Escorial (Madrid).


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