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Enrique Krauze

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Enrique Krauze was born in 1947 in Mexico City. In 1974 he majored in Industrial Engineering. Later obtaining a PHD in History from El Colegio de México; in 1977 he joined the editorial staff of Revista Vuelta as editor in chief (the magazine was under the direction of Nobel Prize winner Octavio Paz). In 1991, he founded Editorial Clio and the cultural magazine Letras Libres. He has been a Professor at Oxford (1983) and at Princeton (2013).

As historian, his work includes texts which have become classics, and which cover the history of Mexico as an independent nation, among which Biografía del Poder, Siglo de Caudillos, from Héroes y Mitos, México: biografía del poder, Caudillos culturales de la Revolución Mexicana, y el Nacimiento de las instituciones stand out.

His vast historiographical work is characterized by the analysis from a wide perspective, of both the main actors and decisive processes along the History of México. His assembled works have been published by Tusquets as part of the Biblioteca Histórica Enrique Krauze.

Since 1989 he has been a member of the Academia Mexicana de la Historia and since 2005 of the Colegio Nacional de México. Together with other recognitions stands out the Premio Comillas de biografía in (1993), the Gran Cruz de la Órden Civil de Alfonso X el Sabio (2003), Gran Cruz de la Órden de Isabel La Católica (2009), the Premio Nacional de Historia awarded by the Mexican Government (2010) and an Honoris Causa by the University of Guadalajara (2017).

Distinguished as one of the most important Mexican historians of his generation, and as one of the most outstanding in Latin America, in the last four decades he has stood out by his commitment to the defence of democracy and liberal values, and for denouncing all kinds of dictatorships, identity fanaticisms, populism and authoritarianism.


2021 Edition