Award Bases

1. Aim:

The aim of the ¨Premio de Historia Ordenes Españolas¨ Award is to distinguish the history researcher from any country in the world whose research activity has achieved general recognition due to the importance of his studies, the rigor displayed documenting his/her work, and whose work or any part thereof bears a relationship with the Hispanic world and its projection.

2. Periodicity:

The Award is annual and may not be pronounced as not awarded.

3. Award:

The Award shall consist of an accrediting diploma, a commemorative medal and 60,000 Euros.

4. Place and Date:

The Award ceremony shall take place in Spain, The date shall be on a working day in spring. The authority of each Order will decide the members to attend the act.

5. Jury

The Jury shall be composed by at least the President of The Royal Counsel of the Orders, ex oficio holder of the Presidency thereof, seven accredited members of the cultural world chosen by the Royal Counsel of which four must be members of the Real Academia de la Historia (Royal Academy of History); by a representative of each of the sponsoring institutions, the President of Patrimonio Nacional and the last Award holder. The Royal Council of the Orders shall designate the secretary, and the treasurer will be the same as in the Ordenes Españolas Foundation, both will have a say, but no voting rights.

The Jury may establish a Candidate pre-selection Committee to support the work of analysis and selection. The Jury will establish the composition of such committee.

6. Working of the Jury:

The President will be in charge of summoning the Jury, organizing and conducting the deliberations and voting, and the Secretary shall take the minutes and will watch over the fulfilment of its directives.

The office of Jury is not to be delegated, nor the vote. The deliberations and voting are to be kept secret, in case of a drawn vote, the vote of the President shall be decisive.

The award shall be granted to whichever candidate remains when after each voting, other candidate or candidates in case of a draw, have obtained the smaller number of votes.

7. Candidatures:

The following individuals or institutions may propose one candidate:

  • Those who have been awarded in former editions of the Award.
  • Representatives of the sponsoring institutions.
  • The President of Patrimonio Nacional.
  • Each Universities having a History Department; those Academies and institutions who fulfil the same task under different names.

Each proposal must display the name and nationality of the candidate, include his /her Curriculum Vitae, published books and other publications, conferences, articles, an account of academic and teaching life, Awards and distinctions obtained, and whichever information is relevant in order to know about the academic career of the candidate and the outreach of his work and studies. The awarded candidate must undertake to be present at the Award giving ceremony. No candidatures will be accepted posthumously. The Award may not be shared.

Candidatures must be sent with the title “Premio de Historia Ordenes Españolas”, either in Spanish or English, by e-mail to or by courier/mail to Plaza de las Comendadoras, 10– 28.015 Madrid, Spain. Deadline February 28th, 2022.

8. Information:

The Secretary of the Award is in charge of organizing the Award ceremony, of informing of such act and of Jury meetings. Likewise of keeping due correspondence with institutions or individuals who have proposed candidates. Such correspondence shall only be made in Spanish, or, as the case may be, in English.