Set at 60.000 Euros. International Character Distinguishes those careers dedicated to Historic Investigation



The Spanish Orders of Santiago, Calatrava, Alcántara and Montesa, have established the “Premio Ordenes Españolas” Award to history, which every year shall distinguish that historian from any country in the world, whose historical investigation work has achieved general acknowledgement for the importance of the studies made, the rigor displayed in documenting it, and the reach of the conclusions, and furthermore that some part of such work is related with the Hispanic theme and its projection in the world.

Since their foundation in the XII Century, Spanish Orders have had an important influence on many stages of Spanish history. As one of their aims is the spreading of culture, they have focused on the development of historical investigation in the world. This award aims to become the academic reference on historical matters. This international award is the only one of such characteristics in the world. The greater part of the social and cultural activities of the Spanish Orders are carried out through the Lux Hispaniarum Foundation, which handles the “Premio Ordenes Españolas” Award.


The award is set at 60.000 Euros, and it is given annually. Candidature documentation should be filed in before February 28th, 2018. The decision of the Jury shall be made known no later than 15th April and the giving of the award shall take place in Spain, in May.


The Jury is presided over by the President of the Real Consejo de las Ordenes, His Royal Highness Don Pedro de Borbón Dos Sicilias y de Orleans, duke of Calabria. The members of the jury are: Alfredo Pérez de Armiñán de la Serna, President of Patrimonio Nacional and academician of the Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, Carmen Iglesias Cano, Director of the Real Academia de la Historia¸ Hugo O´Donnell, censor to the Real Academia de la Historia; Feliciano Barrios Pintado, Secretary of the Real Academia de la Historia; Luis Antonio Ribot García, academician from the Real Academia de la Historia; Marcelino Oreja Aguirre, academician and honor President of the Real Academia de Ciencias Morales y Políticas; Juan Manuel Villar Mir, collaborator; Juan Manuel González Serna, sponsor; Carlos de Palacio Oriol, collaborator; Manuel Gullón de Oñate and Iñigo Moreno de Arteaga, Correspondent to the Real Academia de la Historia. Álvaro Mariátegui Valdés and Iñigo Churruca Bonilla will be part of the jury without a vote.

The following institutions may present a candidate: Universities maintaining a Department of History, those academies and institutions which, under different names fulfil the same ends. The Real Consejo de las Ordenes; representatives of the sponsoring and collaborating institutions; and the President of Patrimonio Nacional. Each proposition must include the name  and nationality of the candidate, his/her curriculum vitae, books published and other publications, conferences, articles, academic and teaching life, awards and distinctions obtained and all the information that may be useful in order to know about the scientific career of the candidate and the scope of his work and studies. The jury may require further information than that already furnished, therefore it is highly recommended to send the candidatures with enough time in advance to the deadline. No candidatures are accepted posthumously. The award may not be shared.

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